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How to use the closed ticket screen

The following guide describes the different buttons and their functions in the “closed tickets” screen of the touch interface in Reservations.

Closed ticket screen

  1. Date button: Allows you to navigate to a different date to see closed transactions.
  2. My Tickets button: This button filters the list of closed tickets on a given day to only show those closed by the user currently logged in to Reservations.
  3. All Tickets button: This button unfilters the list of closed tickets to show tickets closed by all users.
  4. Additional buttons
    • Gratuity: Opens the window where you can add a tip to a selected invoice.
    • Print: Allows you to print a copy of the selected invoice.
    • View: Pulls up a receipt view of the invoice on the screen so it can be quickly reviewed.
    • Close: Closes the closed ticket screen and returns you to the default touch screen.

How to add gratuity to a closed ticket

  1. Adding gratuityClick the Gratuity button. Find the payment to which you intend to add a gratuity such as in the Visa example (pictured, right).
  2. Click the calculator icon and enter the amount of the gratuity.
  3. Enter additional gratuities on other payment tenders as necessary.
    • The gratuity and invoice total at the bottom of the screen will update as you apply different amounts.
  4. Click OK to save.

For a printable view of this process, click here.

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