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How To Setup Hot Keys


Hot Keys are located below the shopping cart and are designed for you to be able to quickly add items to the shopping cart rather than searching for them or scanning a barcode or UPC. You can toggle whether to show or hide the Hot Keys with the arrow on the lower left side of the shopping cart. You are limited to eight (8) Menus with twenty one (21) buttons on each menu, for a total of 168 buttons.

2015-12-21 11_42_44-gn on GolfNow Reservations


  1. To begin to configure your Hot Keys go to Setup | Hot Keys
    2015-12-21 12_42_34-gn on GolfNow Reservations
  2. By default you will be configuring the layout of the buttons for the machine you’re working on. However you can adjust the layout for any machine by selecting it from drop down list at the top of the window.
    2015-12-21 12_55_48-gn on GolfNow Reservations
  3. If you are configuring for the first time, it would be best to being with setting up the menus. Click on Menu Type and decide if want a custom layout or just the days of the week.
    2015-12-21 13_41_03-gn on GolfNow Reservations
  4. Fill out the boxes with the names of the menus you would like to use. Each box is limited to 10 characters. Make sure you get them in the order you’d like as once you start setting up the buttons you’ll have to reset them up if you change the order of the menus.
  5. To navigate back to the button setup click on Buttons along the left hand side and then choose which menu you’d like to set up.
  6. Click on the space where you’d like to add a button and then click on the barcode button to bring up the list of sales items.
  7. Navigate through the list of sales items to find the one you would like to assign to that button then hit Select.
  8. Now that it is assigned you can change the name that is displayed on the button and the color of the button.
    Note: the font color always stays black so stick to lighter colored buttons to make sure you can still read them.
  9. If you need to move a button once it’s placed, you can hold down the shift key on the key board then click and drag the button to the new location. If you drop it on top of an existing button the two will swap places.
  10. Make sure to hit OK when you are finished to save the changes.

Copy Layout

You are able to copy the hot key layout from one machine to another by using the copy button. Just select the machine layout you’d like to copy from then the machine you’d like to copy that layout to. Finally hit the Copy button and OK to save.

2015-12-21 14_37_34-gn on GolfNow Reservations

More Options

This allows you to set up a button on multiple machines or menus at the same time.

  1. From the Buttons screen click on the space you’d like the button to reside
  2. Then select the More Options button.
    more options
  3. Select the item from the list
  4. Check off the boxes next to the machine(s) and menu(s) you’d like it to appear on.
    Note: it will appear in the same spot on all menus.
    more options2
  5. You can customize the label on the button and the color of the button right from this screen.
  6. Once you click the OK button it will save that button to everywhere you have selected.
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