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How To Setup Courses

Courses can serve many different purposes in the GolfNow Reservations software all of which are related to the schedule. They can represent different rate changes through out the day, different seasons, different 9 hole courses, or even different professionals availability for lessons. To get to the Courses screen go to Setup | Setup General | Courses.

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Course Setup

By default the software comes pre-loaded with several courses to get you going but you are able to add to the list or change the names as needed.

  1. Use the Gold star icon to create new courses as needed.
  2. If you need to change the name of an existing course, use this box.
  3. Select an appropriate type for the course,  more on Course Types below.
  4. Fill out the address of the golf course, these will appear in confirmations.
  5. This is the default interval that will populate in the season template utility. It can always be adjusted in the template.
  6. This will be the color of the text for the course on the tee sheet.
  7. This will be the back ground color for the course on the tee sheet.
  8. This section is used to link one course to another. Primarily used at 9 hole courses or 27+ hole courses. Click this link for more on Linked 9’s.
  9. Check this box if you want to make the course available online. You will also need to retrieve the proper ID from our Cares team.


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Remember to always click OK when leaving this screen to save your changes.

Course Types

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Course types help you keep your tee sheet organized. You can view all types at once, select just a particular type to show, or even just show a single course. This setting is toggled at the top of the tee sheet next to the date pull down.

To edit the list of available course types go to Setup | Setup General | Course Types. Use the gold star to create new Course Types or simply change the name of existing ones.

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