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How to Perform Backups

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Removable Backup

Removable backups are designed to be done to an NTFS formatted external drive. A 4GB flash drive is ample enough space to backup the GolfNow Reservations database. The purpose of the removable backup is to easily have a copy of the database in case of any inclement weather, computer damage or theft. Removable backups should be performed daily.

Formatting Drive to NTFS

Windows Vista/7:

  1. Plug removable media into USB drive
  2. Click Windows Start button
  3. Select Computer
  4. Right-click Flash Drive
  5. Select Format
  6. Change File System to NTFS
  7. Click Start
  8. Click OK

Windows XP:

  1. Plug removable media into USB drive
  2. Open My Computer to determind drive letter for removable media (E:, F:, or G: are typical)
  3. Click Windows Start button
  4. Select Run
  5. Type CMD and click Enter to open the Command Prompt Window.
  6. Type ‘convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs’
  7. Click Enter
  8. When the conversion to NTFS is complete, you receive the following message at the command prompt:
    Conversion complete
  9. Quit the command prompt.

Perform Backup

  1. Plug Flash Drive into Black Box Server Computer
  2. File | Maintenance | Removable Backup
  3. Click Yes to continue:
  4. If prompted, click the drill down to select the destination drive of the removable backup, click OK.
  5. Click OK to Removable Backup was Successful Message.

Local Backup

Local backups are stored on the server computer. A local backup is best used prior to making major changes in the software, i.e.; physical inventory, purchasing and receiving, schedule changes. A local backup should be performed on a client machine every night as part of the closing procedure. We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of a performing a local backup. The process is relatively quick and simple, and lasts only a couple minutes on the largest databases. The amount of time spent doing a local backup is minimal compared to the importance of preserving your data.

To complete a local backup, select File | Maintenance | Local Backup.



A compact is a database maintenance routine that helps to keep your database in proper working order if the database size becomes too big. This should only be done under the guidance of GolfNow Reservations Customer Support. The compact process does take a little time, usually about three to five minutes, although it is not unusual for extremely large databases to take 10 minutes or more. Your database is very vulnerable during a compact; under no circumstances is a compact to be interrupted.

To perform a compact, select File | Maintenance | Compact.



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