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How to Generate Spreadsheets Reports

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Generate Spreadsheet

NOTE: Requires Windows Excel 2007 or newer.

  • Navigate to Reports | Spreadsheets | Browse…


  • This opens a Windows Explorer window with list of available Spreadsheets. In 2015 or newer it opens a list of spreadsheets for you to pick from that includes a description of the spreadsheet
    2015 or newer list
  • Click desired spreadsheet.
  • Click Open.
  • Fill in required Spreadsheet information (Example: date range, customer type or category).


  • Right-click first available cell below the first header (A5 in the example shown below).
  • Select Refresh (data) – This will populate the report.


  • If nothing appears, make sure the information manually entered matches exactly with what is setup in Reservations.
  • Use Copy and Paste to carry information over from Reservations to the spreadsheet.
    • Example: For spreadsheets that require entering a customer type or customer category.
    • In Reservations, go to Setup | Tee Sheet | Customer Type. Right-click a Customer Type, select Copy. Open the Spreadsheet and right-click, paste, the Customer Type.
  • Check date ranges; make sure End Date is after Start Date.


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