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How to Generate Statements Using Billing Wizard

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate statements using the billing wizard.

Customer Statement Setup

  • Home | Customers
  • Right-click Customer
  • Click Modify
  • Click Sales | Setup
  • Select Statements Options
    • Print Only – Creates paper statement for customer
    • E-Mail Only – Paper-free option. Only sends statement to customer via email.
    • Print & E-Mail – Creates paper statement and emails statement

statement setup

  • Click OK

Generate Statements

  1. Utilities | Billing Wizard.
    utilities billing wizard
  2. Click the Right Arrow.
  3. Choose customers by Billing Class and Customer Category.
    select groups to bill
  4. Click the Right Arrow.
  5. View list of Customers that match the previous criteria.
  6. Uncheck customers to NOT receive a statement.
    select individuals to bill
  7. Click the Right Arrow.
  8. Select Create Statements.
    select action to perform
  9. Click the Right Arrow.
  10. Select Date Range to Bill.
  11. Enter in the Title and Message.
  12. Choose the Detail Type and Options.
    statement options
  13. Click the Right Arrow.
  14. Preview Customers to Generate Statements.
  15. Click “Create Statements.”
    create statements
  16. Print Statements.
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