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Food & Beverage options

The following guide describes the different options you can configure in the new Food & Beverage (F&B) tab of the Reservations software.

F&B Options

  1. Item Filter: As the description states within Reservations, this will hide any item belonging to the selected department(s) in the shopping cart on that particular machine.
  2. Theme: Changes the lighter blue buttons to a dark shade of grey. This creates a little more distinction with the white font.
  3. Area: This is where you select the default table map that appears when selecting that view in the touch interface.
  4. Window: This is where you select the default window when opening the touch interface. It can be set to either of the following: Open Tickets, Table Map, or Quick Sale.
  5. Lockout: Check the box to enable a screen lock within the touch interface after the given number of seconds specified has passed.
    • Please note, this feature has moved to the “machine” setup screen in Reservations 2017.

F&B Options 2

Additionally, in later versions you can also select a particular Menu Category to default to when on the quick sale screen.

For a printable view of this process, click here.

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