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F&B suggested gratuity

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Suggested gratuity

In GolfNow Reservations 2016, suggested gratuity can be configured by “Customer Type” or “Number of Seats.” This new feature is meant to replace the use of sales tax to determine the gratuity for an invoice. This feature can be configured under the the F&B tab | Setup button | Gratuity button.

Customer-type based suggested gratuity

sug grat 2For customer type-based suggested gratuities, a defined percentage is applied to the invoice based on the customer type of the customer attached to the invoice.

A specific percentage can be configured for each customer type within GolfNow Reservations. This is useful for member-type facilities (e.g. all members are charged a 15% gratuity on restaurant purchases) or outings and events (e.g. all outings are charged a 20% gratuity for their event).

Please note, you cannot currently attach multiple customers to an invoice. To apply multiple levels of suggested gratuity based on customer type, they must split the invoice and attach specific customers to each invoice.

Also, a suggested gratuity is currently applied to every item. Due to this,  there is no way to distinguish between applying only to F&B items, etc. For example, if the Member customer type is set to apply 15% gratuity, it will apply to the purchase of green fees in the golf shop as well as the purchase of any F&B items.

Seat-based suggested gratuity

sug grat 3For seat-based suggested gratuity, a defined percentage is applied to the invoice when the number of seats attached to a given table meets or exceeds the number you have specified.

This is typical for larger groups (e.g. for tables of 6 or more, a suggested 18% gratuity is calculated). Currently, only one “number of seats” value can be defined; thus you cannot have varying percentages for different numbers of seats.

Please note, the seat numbers are determined or counted at the table level. If you have multiple tabs associated within a given table, the calculated number of seats will be the sum of all tabs.

For example, a tab has been created at Table 13 and was divided into 3 seats. Another tab is also divided into 3 seats. The second tab is eventually moved to be saved under Table 13. Since we now have 6 total seats under table 13, the suggested gratuity described above will be applied to both tickets at that table.

Options button

You also have the option for gratuity to be calculated on the subtotal before tax or for the total amount including sales tax (pictured, below).

sug grat 5

Overlapping suggested gratuity scenarios

There may be scenarios where a customer type and seat-suggested gratuity overlap.

For example, a member is associated with a table invoice that has 6 seats (assuming suggested gratuity is configured for both the member customer type and 6 or more seats). In this scenario, customer type overrides the seat-suggested gratuity when both apply to a given table. The following example is given to illustrate the current logic.

sug grat 6

As illustrated above, only one suggested gratuity will be applied to a particular invoice. The customer type suggested gratuity will override the seat number.


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