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Configuring menus

Adding items to the Touch Menu is nearly identical to previous versions of GolfNow Reservations, including the ability to create menus that drill down to specific sales items and modifiers.

Adding modifiers

  • On the menu, we have the Main Menu divided into four sub-menus.

menu config 1

  • Click on one of the sub-menu items – for example, Grill.
  • Once navigated to the Grill menu screen, right click on the “Cheeseburger” item to add modifiers.
  • Select “Add” and “Buttons as sub-items to Cheeseburger.”
  • Add sub-items for the different options that exist with a cheeseburger item, such as “Cook Temp,” “Cheese,” “Toppings,” and “Sides.” This is completed under the “Modifiers/Menus” section.
  • When complete, click “OK.”
  • Now that the sub-items exist (Cook Temp, etc.), create the option choices that will be listed under those menus.

menu config 2

  • Right click on “Cook Temp,” then “Add Buttons as sub-items to cook temp.” For example, “Medium,” “Medium Well,” etc.
  • This is completed under the “Modifiers/Menus” section.
  • Repeat process until modifiers have been added to each sub-item.
  • You will now see the modifier menus displayed across the top of the menu item (for example: “Cheeseburger”). This will allow you to navigate through the menu item and make the appropriate selections.

Adding required modifiers

You also have the ability to make certain menus “Required Modifiers.” This will ensure that an option must be selected prior to moving on to the next screen.

  • Right click on the sub-item menu, then click “Edit.”

menu config 3

  • Click “Required Modifiers.”
  • Adjust the “Minimum Required” and “Maximum Required” boxes to suit what should be selected for that screen.
  • For example, you can only choose 1 cooking temperature. In this instance, the minimum and maximum required should both be set to 1.

menu config 4

Please note, modifiers will also appear on the order tab and will print on a ticket sent to the receipt printer.

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