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The following documentation will explain how to manage items within Reservations Food & Beverage.

Changing item quantity

After adding an item to a tab, you can increase the quantity by clicking on the item in the touch menu interface.

Alternatively, you can select the item from the tab and then click the “QTY” button. This will allow you to increase or decrease the quantity of the item.

item mgt 1

Changing item price

You can update the price of any item in much the same way. Select the item you want to update and then click the “Price” button.

Updating the price is contingent on that item being configured to allow a discount during item setup.

item mgt 2

Deleting an item

Just like in previous versions of the software, once an item has been “tabbed” it can not simply be deleted from that tab.

Selecting an item and hitting “delete,” either on the keyboard or the button at the bottom of the screen, creates a duplicate item with a quantity of -1.

This creates a more thorough paper trail of additions and subtractions to an invoice. Prior to an item being sent to a tab it can be deleted without issue.

item mgt 3

Changing item seats

GolfNow Reservations 2016 includes the ability to split an invoice into multiple seats. This makes it easier to split a table before payment if needed.

Add items to new seat

  • To add a new seat, simply hit the “seat” button, then “add.” Begin adding items to that seat.
  • You can jump to a different seat by clicking on the corresponding seat number on the left side of the tab.

item mgt 4

Move items between seats

  • If you need to move items from one seat to another, select that item, then click the “seat” button.
  • Select the “change seat” action, then pick the seat and quantity you want to move.

Sharing an item between seats

  • You can now split the cost of a single item between seats. For example,  if a group splits an appetizer, you can evenly split that item across multiple seats.
  • Add the item that will be shared to the invoice.
  • Select that item from the invoice and hit the “Item” button at the bottom.
  • Select “Share.”

item mgt 5

  • If you don’t have multiple seats created yet, use the “New Seat” button to add a seat.
  • The item is now split over the two seats.
  • To further split, add additional seats and ensure the blue check mark is beside them. You’ll see the fraction change accordingly.

item mgt 6

Adding a note to an item

The ability to add a note to any item – a feature found in previous versions – is still available in GolfNow Reservations 2016.

  • The “Note” button is now housed under the “Item” button.
  • Select the item you need to add a note to, then press the “Item” button.
  • Hit “Add Note” and type your note for that item.
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