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Email Customers

  1. Send Test: Sends a test email message to one or more recipients. The Send Test Email window will display any merge fields currently defined in the body of the Email and sample data that will be used for the customer merge fields. It is highly recommended that you send yourself a test email prior to sending to the recipient list so you can verify all the images and links are working properly.
  2. Send: Sends the email to the recipient list.
  3. Exit: Exits the Email Customers window.
  4. Send To: The number of recipients returned by the filter criteria in the Customer Reports page that have email addresses.
  5. Send From
    1. Location: The Location to use for Location Merge Fields in your email. The Location is defaulted to the Location specified in Global Settings.
    2. Name: The Name to be displayed in the email that the email was sent from. The Name is defaulted to the Sender Name specified in Global Settings.
    3. Email: The Email address to be displayed in the email that the email was sent from. The Name is defaulted to the Sender Email Address specified in Global Settings.
  6. Email Template: Select an Email Template from the drop-down list and select Apply to display the email in the email editor.
    1. Apply: Displays the selected Email Template in the email editor.
    2. Add New: Clears the currently selected Email Template, Subject, and Message from the email editor.
    3. Save: Saves the currently selected Email Template or if no template is selected, will prompt for a template name to save the currently displayed email.
    4. Save As: Saves the currently displayed Email Template as a new template with a new name. Note: Subject must be unique.
    5. Delete: Deletes the currently displayed Email Template.
  7. Email
    1. Subject: The subject line displayed in the email to recipients. The Subject must be unique for saved Email Templates.
    2. Format: Identifies the content type for the email, either Text or HTML.
    3. Message: When Text Format is selected, a simple text box is displayed. Text emails may not contain any special formatting, links, pictures, fonts, etc. When HTML is selected an editor is displayed that allows for basic formatting controls, for example, fonts, pictures, links, tables, colors, etc.

HTML Editor Button Reference


  • Insert Table: Tables may be used to display text in columns, for example, in articles or newsletters.
  • Upload & Insert Image: Allows for uploading images to the GEN server to display in the email. The images must be available over the internet in order for your consumers to be able to view them in the email.

    • The Image URL is defaulted to the URL you use to access GEN. If this URL is not available via the Internet, you can change the external URL in Global Settings.
    • Click the Upload button to copy an image from your computer to your GEN server, the click Browse and select the desired image.
  • Insert a Special Character
  • Copy Formatting: Used to copy multiple formatting to apply to other text by selecting Apply Format.
  • Print
  • Preview

Include Unsubscribe Text: When checked will include the default unsubscribe text defined in Global Settings.

Track URL Click-Throughs: When GEN Email Marketing is enabled, checking the checkbox will enable the tracking of click-throughs on all embedding links in the email.

Customer Merge Fields: Displays all available Customer Merge Fields and their corresponding value.

Location Merge Fields: Displays all available Location Merge Fields and their corresponding value.

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