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How to Customize the Customer List

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the Customer List screen in GolfNow Reservations.

Grid Filtering

The grid is filtered automatically by name with a key stroke when the filter bar does not have focus. Column focus does not matter.

list filter

To filter by another column or to perform filters on multiple columns, move focus to the filter bar.

list filter multiple

To clear all the filter bar select the Reset Filters button. When the filter bar is not in focus, an ESC key stroke will also reset the filters.

list reset button

To quickly filter the active and inactive customers, right click a row in the grid and select Show Inactive Customers or Hide Inactive Customers depending on the current state of the filter.

list filter inactive

Grid Layout

Modifying Column Order

To change the order of the columns in the grid, drag and drop a column heading to a new location. When the column is in a valid location to be dropped, a red arrow will display where the column will be moved to. All columns can be moved except the Name column.

list column move

Saving Grid Layout

The layout of the grid can be saved so that each time the Customer List screen is opened, your custom grid layout is applied. Saving the grid layout saves column orders, column widths, and column filters.

To save the grid layout, right click a row in the grid, select Grid and then Save Layout.

list save

Restore Grid Layout

Restoring the grid layout restores the column orders, column widths, and column filters to their default states.

To restore the grid layout to the default state, right click a row in the grid, select Grid and then Restore Layout.

list restore

Grid Styles

Background Colors

The Name column background color can customized to display a color based on missing customer fields.

To change the Name column background color, right click a row in the grid, select Grid and then Customize Colors.

list colors

In the Customize screen, select a color by selecting the color picker button and then select the criteria when the Name column is to be colored.

list color picker

The selected style will then be applied to the Name column background color.

list color style

Inactive customers are displayed in a light red row style. The customer name font color is red if that customer has a no-show.

list inactive color

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