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CT-S300 – Near Paper Sensor


The CT-S300 receipt printer may stop printing properly when the paper gets to about 1/3 of a roll. This is a malfunction in the near end paper sensor in the printer.


This sensor can be disabled, allowing the user to monitor the paper manually and the printer to finish the entire roll. To disable the sensor, you will have to download and install the CT-S300 Printer Utility and then make the appropriate changes in the configurations. The CT-S300 printer must directly connected to the computer where you will perform the following:

  1. Login to GolfNow Reservations and perform a Local Backup by going to File | Maintenance | Local Backup.
  2. Close GolfNow Reservations on this machine, and all other machines.
  3. Click here to begin the CT-S300 download. Choose the Open or Run From Here button. If the Open or Run From Here button is not available, Call GolfNow Reservations Customer Support,
    The download will begin, and at completion it will prompt you to begin the installation by clicking the Setup button.
  4. Click the Next button on the CT-S300 customization window.
  5. Click Yes to agree to the license agreement.
  6. Click Next to begin the installation to the default directory.
  7. Click No To All to when asked to overwrite any files.
  8. Answer No to install the Visual Basic 6 run time files.
  9. Click OK to the Installation is Complete window.
  10. Go to Start | (All) Programs | CBM Tool | CT-S300 Customization.
  11. Click on Set | Interface.
  12. Fill the radio button next to Parallel Interface and click the Set button.
  13. Click the Memory Switches tab at the top.
  14. Under the MemSW2, move switch 8 to ON.
  15. Click the Set Switches button.
  16. To verify the switch is set correctly, hold your mouse over the MemSW2 switch 8 (the number under the switch) and in the task bar at the bottom of that screen, it will show MSW2-8: PNE Sensor Function >>>Disabled.
  17. Go to File | Exit to close the Program.
  18. If you have additional CT-S300 printers that have the same issue, hook them up to this machine and repeat steps 11 – 18 for each.
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