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How to Create Mail Merge Letters – Word 2007

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create mail merge letters using Word 2007.

Follow these steps to create a customized letter using Word 2007.

  1. Utilities | Mail Merge
    mail merge
  2. Opens a Microsoft Word Document
  3. Click the Home Tab
  4. On right side of the Home Tab, click Select, then Select All
    word select all
  5. Click the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the entire document
  6. Click Page Layout tab
  7. Click Size dropdown and select Letter
  8. Click Margins and select Normal
  9. On Mail Merge Helper (right column tool bar) click Previous until at Step 1
    mail merge steps
  10. Change Document Type to Letters
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Edit Recipient List
    recipient list
  14. To Filter Recipient List click Filter
  15. Click Filter Records
  16. In first available drop down under the Field option select CustomerType
  17. Next box over select Equal To
  18. Next box over type in a Customer Type (must match GolfNow Reservations exactly character for character.)
  19. Click OK
  20. Click OK
  21. Under Mail Merge Helper (right side) click Next

Create Greeting

  1. Under Mail Merge Helper click Greeting Line…
  2. Insert Greeting Line
  3. Click OK

Write Letter

  1. Type the letter
  2. Click Next to Preview
  3. Click Next to Complete Merge
  4. Click Print…
  5. Print Letters
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