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How to Create Address Label – Word 2007

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create address labels using Word 2007.

  1. Utilities | Mail Merge. Word will start preloaded with labels. Delete all preloaded customers by striking CTRL-A on the keyboard (Select All) and then striking the Delete key. The document should now be blank.
  2. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge, and click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. This will open the Mail Merge Wizard on the right-side of the document.
  3. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Previous: Starting Document. This will take you back to Step 2 of 6.
  4. Click Label Options.
  5. In the Label Information section, choose the Label Vendor ‘Avery US Letter’, and product number ‘5160’. Click OK.
    NOTE: You may adjust your vendor and product number based upon which label size you are using.
  6. Click OK to the message saying ‘In order to apply the selected label options, Word must delete the current contents of Document1…’
  7. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Next: Select Recipients.
  8. On Step 3 of the Mail Merge Wizard, you may filter your customer list to generate labels specific to certain customer types, postal codes, or other data. In this example, we will filter our labels to only include Member customer types.
  9. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Edit recipient list…
  10. Click Filter.
  11. In the next blank Field, choose ‘Customer Type’, set the Comparison to ‘Equal to’, and type ‘Member’ in Compare To.
    NOTE: The Compare To field must EXACTLY match the text as defined in your GolfNow Reservations database.
  12. If you would like to sort your labels, click the Sort Records tab. In this example, we will sort by Last Name. You may enter more parameters such as CustomerType, PostalCode, etc. Click OK when finished.
    NOTE: If choosing a True/False field, such as a customer category, use 1 for TRUE
  13. The Mail Merge Recipients window should now only return customers who meet the criteria above. In this example, only Members are returned. Click OK.
  14. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Next: Arrange Your labels.
  15. Your document should now contain all blank records with a flashing cursor in the upper-left most label. With the cursor still located in that label, click Address Block on the Mail Merge Wizard.
  16. Click OK.
  17. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Update All Labels. This will copy the address block formatting to all other labels.
  18. Your document should now look like this…
  19. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Next: Preview your labels.
  20. Your document should now contain the labels for all customers who met your filter criteria.
  21. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Next: Complete the Merge.
  22. On the Mail Merge Wizard, click Print.
  23. Select All (or choose a page range) and click OK.
  24. Click OK to print your labels.
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