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Configuring and applying discounts

Configuring quick discount buttons

  1. To define your quick discount buttons, click “Setup” and select “Discount Settings” within the F&B ribbon menu.
  2. You have the ability to configure five different discount buttons for either a percentage or a dollar amount discount.
  3. From within the “Food & Beverage Discount Settings” screen, enter your percent and dollar amounts. Click OK to save your changes.

discounts 1

Apply discounts

discounts 2You have the ability to discount items, seats or tables using your defined quick discount buttons from within the Food & Beverage module.

  1. Once you have selected the area you want to discount, you will be presented with the Manual and Quick Discounts screen.
    • For manual discounts, touch either the “Dollar” or “Percent” button to select the type of discount you want to apply. Enter the specific discount information will be applied.
    • You can also select a “Quick Discount” on the right side of the screen. These are the buttons you configured in the Food & Beverage Discount Settings screen. To apply a “Quick Discount,” touch the desired discount level.
  2. When logged in as a standard user, the amount you are able to discount will respect the price floor configured in the sale item screen. If you are logged in as a user checked for “Manager Discount,” it will ignore the price floor and let you discount any amount. This replaces the separate “Manager Discount” feature that existed in previous versions.

Please Note

  • discounts 3All discounts, whether applied at the sales item, seat or table level are all applied against individual sales items.
  • Regardless of the manual discount entered or quick discount selected, each sales item can only be discounted up to the Max Discount setting defined for that item.

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