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Closing the Drawer

Before closing the drawer, be sure there are no transactions in progress or on hold. If there are transactions in progress or on hold, a pop-up dialog box appears.

You can:

  • Cancel held transactions. Select Automatically cancel all held transactions, and then click Continue.
  • Resolve held transactions. Select Return to Point of Sales to manually resolve transactions, and then click Continue.

In addition, you may be required to perform a drawer count. To learn more, see Counting the Cash Drawer.

1. In the Functions frame, click the User Functions tab.
2. Click Close Drawer. The Close Drawer page appears.

GEN Close Drawer

3. Review drawer information and then click Close Drawer.

The Point of Sale and drawer instance closes.

NOTE: If the drawer instance has any authorized credit card payments, a Settle Credit Card Batch window will appear after clicking Close Drawer. From this window, you can select a merchant account for credit card settlement information to be sent to.

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