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Bundling Inventory Items

Bundled SKUs consist of several other individual SKUs, each with their own Inventory listing. Create these constituent SKUs before creating your bundled SKU.

To create a SKU item bundle:

  1. On the Management Menu, click Inventory. The Inventory page appears.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Complete the item details as described in the previous section.
  4. From the Item Type dropdown menu, select Bundle Item.
  5. From the Receipt Printing dropdown menu, select whether you would like the constituent bundle items printed on the receipt, and with or without their prices
  6. Click the Add Bundle Items link. The Bundle Item Management page appears.
  7. Search for SKUs to add to your bundle.
  8. Enter a Quantity for each SKU.
  9. Select a Unit of measure for each SKU.
  10. Select to Assign Price By either SKU Item or Bundle Total. If you select SKU Item, you can enter a Bundle Price for each item, and the Total bundle price is the total of the Bundle Prices If you select Bundle Total, the Bundle Prices of the individual SKU items are prorated based on their percentage of the total Regular Price.
  11. The profit margin for the bundled item calculates automatically as both dollar and percentage amounts, based on the difference between the costs and prices of the items.
  12. Click Save and then click Exit.
  13. Click Save on the Inventory Management
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