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How to Book an Outing

In this tutorial, you will learn how to book outings.

Create Outing Profile

Create a profile for an outing using the same method to create individual golfers.

  1. Home | Customers
  2. Click New

Below are suggested methods to follow when creating Outing profiles:

  • Since the customer list is commonly searched by the Last Name field, enter “Outing”, “Tournament”, “League”, or any keyword to easily find specific profiles using the last name field. Use the First Name field for a more specific description of the outing. Finish filling out the profile with other pertinent information. This method will help keep the customer list organized.

outing profile

Customer List Example:

customer list example

  • Another commonly used method is to enter the name of the outing in the Last Name field. Use the First Name field for the main contact, or repeat the name of the outing. Search the customer list by the outing name instead of “Outing” or “Tournament”. Although this method may appear to clutter the customer list, it has proven effective.
    enter outing name
  • The key to a well-maintained and organized customer list is consistency. We highly recommend choosing one method and sticking to it.

Book Outing

After creating the outing profile, book the profile to the tee sheet in the same manner as booking regular customers. Find the date and time requested and book for the specific number of players for the outing.

book outing

Click OK finish booking reservation.

If necessary, use the block function on the tee time slots prior to or after the outing. See How to Block The Tee Sheet.

tee sheet block

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