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Applying F&B suggested gratuity and reporting

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Applying the suggested gratuity

You will still need to choose to apply the suggested gratuity to a sale. Its usage is designed primarily for the touch screen interface, but it could also be used in the normal shopping cart if needed.

  • When suggested gratuity comes into play using the touch interface, whether due to seat number or customer type, you will see a message near the bottom showing the “suggested gratuity” that will be added to the invoice.

sug grat 7

  • Proceed to close out the tab as usual through the payment screen.
  • Gratuity is not added at this point – they are just paying for the invoice total.
    • Also, it is important to note that there is no mention of the suggested gratuity amount on the itemized receipt that prints.
    • It will be up to the course to make sure the customer is aware of the extra amount to be added after the fact.
    • Currently, the suggested gratuity only prints on the signature slip – due to this, non-integrated customers will not see the suggested gratuity amount.

Now that the invoice is closed, we can click on the “Closed Tickets” button at the bottom of the touch interface.

  • Select the invoice that was just closed from the list.
  • Click the “Gratuity” button and you will be given a prompt to add in the pre-calculated suggested gratuity.
  • Click “Yes.”

sug grat 9

sug grat 10

  • Add in any additional gratuity they may have left on top of the suggested amount.
  • Click “OK.” You will see the invoice has the gratuity added to it within the “Closed Tickets” screen.


  • Once you add the gratuity, the tips will appear under Reports | Miscellaneous | Tips.
  • Set your dates (typically the duration of the pay period) and click “Print.”
  • Once the report pulls up, it will display all users that have tips for that date range. You are able to specify a particular employee by using the filter along the left-hand side.
  • Click “Refresh Report” to update the report after applying a filter.
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