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Applying an Event Payment to a Store Balance

1. In the Functions frame, click the User Functions tab.
2. Click Pay on Event.
3. The Search for an Event page appears in the frame.
4. To narrow your search results, do any of the following:

  • Enter the event number in the Number box.
  • Enter the event name in the Name box.
  • Enter the event date in the Date box with the pop-up calendar.

5. Click Search.
6. The Event Search Results page appears in the frame.
7. Click the desired event from the search result.
8. The Apply Event Payment to Store Balances page appears in the frame.

GEN Event

Notice that the top section (row) of the table shows balance information for all stores combined. All other sections below it show individual store balances.

9. Enter the payment amount in the Total Payment box or in the total box for the desired store.
10. Click Pay.

The event payment item appears in the transaction grid.

NOTE: The columns in the table, in addition to showing current and total balances, show balances owing with reference to time. For example, the 30+ column will show a balance owing  for 30 days or more, but less than 60. The Current column shows balances owing for less than 30 days.

TIP: To allocate payment to oldest balances owing first, click the Allocate Payment button next to the Total Payment box.


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