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Applying a Payment to an Event Balance

1. In the Functions frame, click the User Functions tab.
2. Click Pay on Event.
3. The Search for an Event page appears in the frame.

GEN Apply to Event

4. To narrow your search results, do any of the following:

  • Enter the event number in the Number box.
  • Enter the event name in the Name box.
  • Enter the event date in the Date box with the pop-up calendar.

5. Select Search.
6. The Event Search Results page appears in the frame.

GEN Apply to Event 2

NOTE: Depending on your system administrator’s settings, the Force button may be available. By clicking Force, payment with be “force applied” to an event that does not exist in the database.

7. Click the desired event from the search results.
8. The Apply Payment to Event Balance page appears in the frame.
9. Enter the payment amount ($) in the Payment box, and then click Pay.
10. The Pay on Event item appears in the transaction grid.

NOTE: The value in the Payment field is a negative (-) value (it is subtracted from the Opening Balance). To enter a positive value, enter “-” in the field in front of the value. When you move out of the Payment field, both “-” signs are automatically removed.

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