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Adding Quick Items

Selecting pre-loaded quick items is a fast and efficient way to add items to the transaction grid. Quick items usually consist of your store’s most popular transaction items.

GEN Quick Items

1. In the Functions frame, click the Quick Items tab.
2. In the Quantity box, enter the desired. Note that the quantity is always at a default of one.
3. Click the desired quick item or quick item folder to access the desired quick item(s).
4. If the item has modifiers attached, the Modifiers for (item) frame appears.
5. Do one of the following:

  • If modifiers are required, select one or more modifiers (as set in Inventory Management).
  • If modifiers are optional select one or more modifiers, or click None.

6. Click OK.

The quick item appears in the transaction grid of the POS.

NOTE: As an option, you can use the SKU search feature in this tab to search for SKUs that may not appear in the Quick Items tab.

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