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Accounts Receivable (A/R) Reports

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A/R report

The A/R report is a list of customers with a balance in accounts receivable. The report is grouped by billing classes and displays the customer name, Cust ID, home phone, GL Account # and balance. The report subtotals each billing class and totals the entire report to display the total outstanding accounts receivable.

Aged A/R report

The Aged A/R report displays what each customer owes by days due, grouped by 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and greater than or equal to 150 days. This report can be used to calculate interest on delinquent accounts. The report displays the billing class, customer, Cust ID, GL Account #, balance and breakout of aged balances.


A/R Transactions report

The A/R Transactions report displays transactions made to the accounts receivable by date span. The report displays the invoice number, customer, GL Account #, Cust ID, amount paid or charged, media and invoice total.



The Minimums report has several options to display how members did or did not meet minimum goals. All purchases made between the start date and end date factor into the report. Select whether to Count or Ignore child chages before opening the report.  Once the report is open, use the toolbar on the left-hand side to change different report options.

Use the Minimum pull-down menu to select a specific minimum to report.


Use the Activity pull-down to filter just those who have reached the minimum or just those who have not reached the minimum.


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